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ASPL brings together the best elements of the manufacturing, packaging, distribution and adopts an effcient supply chain management process to boost our clients’ profits.

About Arcadian

Streamline the supply chain


Increase Throughput

Ensure Quality

Transparency & Visibility

Technological backup

Founded in 2003, Arcadian Sourcing (Private) Limited (ASPL) supports organizations that have embraced the philosophy of “Lean Manufacuring”. The company is not just a distributor, a manufacturer or a packaging consultancy but rather a fully-integrated, end-to-end supply chain services provider which encompasses all three of these attributes at the same time.

Customer thrill is our goal which we acheive through excellent quality of product & service, transparency & visibility through state ofthe art technology and on time delivery.

Our Philosophy

We Are Bottom Line Focused

Our valued customers are relieved of the hassle of managing & monitoring of multiple suppliers. We reduce stock holding & inventory of our customers & ensure just in time delivery. Valuable space in factory floors are made available for more productive activity.

Eliminate Unnecessary & unproductive cost of Supply Chain Management.

Eliminate Unnecessary & unproductive cost of Supply Chain Management.

With Transparency and Visibility throughout the supply chain backed by on time delivery & uninterrupted production in factories are assured.

With Transparency and Visibility throughout the supply chain backed by on time delivery & uninterrupted production in factories are assured.

Reduce overall cost & increase profits of our valued customers.

Reduce overall cost & increase profits of our valued customers.


Arcadian Firmly believes in optimizing the usage and benefits of modern technology. Our process is based on automation from point of receiving a customer order until the delivery is made and GRN is raised ensuring visibility to stake holders right through the supply chain.

Arcadian Family

Headed by the great vision of the MD Mr. Shirom Kulathunga, Arcadian is managed and driven by Ambitious Objectives, Participatory Management and Family Culture.Above all is our respect for Ethical Business Practices and high values. Our employees enjoy special moments within the organization as members of one family.

Our Partners

Arcadian brings together world's leading products and global brand leaders

Our Partners are our strength. Arcadian represents worlds's leading products to the global market. Together with our partners & their innovative products Arcadian strives hard to ensure continuous development. Reliability and Commitment backed by Arcadian's long term relationships with our partners are a Hallmark of our success.

Sourcing Solutions Partner

Through innovative solutions and cost effective suppply chain management, we bring value to your operations and eliminate unneccessary cost leading to increase in profit. With the combined strength of our valued business partners, Arcadian envisages entering the global stage with the introduction of our signature model of consolidation and supply chain management in overseas territories

Viking Laws

Arcadian is driven by strong values and business ethics coupled with continuous improvement and innovative solutions.


  • Be direct
  • Grab all opportunities
  • Use varying methods of attack
  • Be versatile and agile
  • Attack one target at a time
  • Don’t plan everything in detail
  • Use top quality weapons
  • 2.

  • Keep weapons in good condition
  • Keep in shape
  • Find good battle comrades
  • Agree on important points
  • Choose one chief
  • 3.

  • Find out what the market needs
  • Don’t promise what you can’t keep
  • Don’t demand overpayment
  • Arrange things so that you can return
  • 4.

  • Keep things tidy & organized
  • Arrange enjoyable activities which strengthen the group
  • Ensure everybody does useful work
  • Consult all members of the group for advice
  • We Are Driven by Strong Values & Business Ethics, Coupled With Continous Improvement & Innovative Solutions

    Our End Customers

    ASPL’s end customers include some of the most well-recognized global retail brands in the world

    CSR Projects

    We at Arcadian believe that we live in a society and it is our paramount duty to serve society to the best of our ability.


    Arcadian responded to an urgent need at the Lady Ridgway Children’s Hospital Colombo where the Neurology Clinic was renovated.

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    Renovation of Mahalakotuwa Temple Dharmashalawa

    This Temple is an ancient center of worship which serves the village community.

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    We believe that every child has a unique talent and should have equal opportunity to develop them.

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    Kiyavamu Project

    A study done by the NEA explains that people who read for pleasure.

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